Man's Best Friend


Man's Best Friend is a dark comedy that examines our relationship to smartphones and how they both connect and isolate us from one another.

At 25, Martin is living the San Francisco dream, or so it seems. He sold his software startup to a multi-million dollar company and bought an expensive home, which he shares with his beloved dog, Optimus. Like most millennials, Martin relies heavily on smartphone apps. He uses a ridesharing service instead of driving and a grocery delivery app instead of shopping. Despite having a team of help at his fingertips, Martin avoids human contact at all cost. That is, until a rebellious dog-walker and her boyfriend disrupt Martin’s pattern of avoidance and teach him an important lesson. A subtle comedy with a strong message, Man's Best Friend examines the pitfalls of the sharing economy and the impact smartphones have on our daily lives. Is “app culture” really making life convenient or is it making us passive and alone?

The Team

Natasha Blass

Writer, Co-Director

Alex Mallonee

Co-Director, Editor

Ryan McCarter

Executive Producer

Gavin V Murray

Director of Photography

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